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Bicycle walk travel conditions will improve

Date:2010-12-28 19:30:19

  Beijing will increase priority to the development of public transport strength. &; ldquo 1025 & rdquo; During the opening of the rail transit lines new city center to account for 80%, new bus lane 150 kilometers above, improve the ground transport speed, support bus rapid transit network construction commute. Add district extension lines and regional &; ldquo Pocket rdquo; line of&" Add new energy, public DianQiChe 2,100 cars.
  For improve bike walk travel conditions, Beijing will build 1000 site, 5 million or more cars scale of public service system, the bicycle established three million or above in car parking spot in the subway route transfer, planning and construction of bicycle service system. Actively developing primary school bus service system and encourage unit operation shuttle bus, encourage qualified enterprises and institutions of flexible working schedule, wrong peak travel, and using teleconference etc. High technology means reducing travel. Allow the airport shuttle bus, train, traffic bus lane, New 400 place bus signal priority system, improve the operational efficiency, In transit vehicles on new 1000 sets of automatic monitoring equipment, and crackdown on illegal occupation bus racks. Formulate underground ring corridor opening use management measures, perfect

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