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Some industry backward production technology and equipment and product catalogs

Date:2010-12-28 11:15:04

Workers believe department has formulated "partial industry backward production technology and equipment and product guide catalog (2010)", this list steel, non-ferrous metal, chemical industry, building materials, machinery, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical and other eight industries does not comply with the relevant laws and regulations, serious waste resources and pollute environment, does not have the conditions for safe production, and need to eliminate backward production techniques and equipment products. Directory from the date of publication for execution.

      Workers believe department says, directory listed backward production techniques and equipment and products within the prescribed time limit, uniform shall not transfer, eliminated the production, sale, and use and adoption.
      According to the relevant documents to did not press formulary deadline backward production enterprise shall revoke the blowdown licence, banking financial institutions shall not provide any form of new credit support and the relevant departments shall not approval and approve new investment projects, land and resources administrative departments shall not approve new land, the environmental protection department shall not approval to expand capacity of the project, the relevant authorities shall not apply for production license, already issued production license, the safety production license to lawfully withdrawn. To pressing a regulation backward productivity, by local governments shall order it to close down or cancellation of the enterprise, the deadline cancellation of business registration, or revoked according to law industry and commerce business license. When necessary, the relevant government department may require power supply enterprises shall supply on the backward production enterprise stop ?
     Backward production technology and equipment and product support directory, and metal products industry related as follows:
      (1)     FuErChong wire mill
      (2)     Thefeatures of lateral bar and profile rolling mill
      (3)     Three rollers thefeatures of lateral type wire mill (excluding rough products.the production)
      (4)     Production of single tank prestressed steel wire drawing machine
      (5)     Prestressed steel production eliminate stress processing of lead quenching process
      (6)     Level-i screw steel products
      (7)     Ⅱ grade steel rebar product (by using steel construction industry standards and building regulations eliminated ) 
      (8)     Ordinary flabby levels of steel wire, steel strand

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