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2011 international wire products and equipment exhibition

Date:2010-12-28 09:26:14

Time: 2011 on September 26-28        Location: Shanghai world expo theme pavilions

  Organizer: Chinese metal learn & NBSP; & NBSP; & NBSP; & NBSP; & NBSP; & NBSP; & NBSP; & NBSP; & NBSP; Chinese steel structure association wire products sub-chamber & NBSP; industry
  China's steel enterprises association     Baosteel group Co., LTD
  Contractors: Shanghai ShenShi exhibition services Co., LTD
  Support media: the metal products ", "products information", "wire products communication" and "sling business", etc
  Agency unit: France Asie Development(France )    Enterprise Associates  International(British )
RFL Fair(Turkey )                 John Morrison & Associates(Australia )
Vietrade Corporation(India )        Matsumoto & Co. Inc(Japan )
Jetta Trade Service Co. Ltd.(Taiwan )  Negus Expo International (Russia )

  By China steel structure association wire products trade branch, Shanghai ShenShi exhibition services Co., LTD. Jointly sponsored &; ldquo International wire products and equipment exhibition & rdquo; With China metal society, baosteel group Co., LTD. And Shanghai ShenShi exhibition services Co., LTD. Jointly sponsored &; ldquo The sixteenth international metallurgical industry exhibition & Shanghai rdquo; Held during the same period.

  With wire products trade enterprise structure and the continuous optimization and adjustment, technological progress continuous innovation, domestic and international market demand increases obviously and drives wire products trade and related buyers are the focus transferring to China. &; ldquo International wire products and equipment exhibition & rdquo; Comply with the current situations, positioning for wire products industry provides an effective, a high level of promoting exchanges and trade platform, the collection wire products trade new technology and products with all buyers depth, help enterprise to build new contact purchase, supply and communication channels. In the leading industry association and well-known enterprises at home and abroad ldquo under the common participation; of&" International wire products and equipment exhibition & rdquo; Will become the industry's most authoritative, one of the most professional event.

 &; ldquo International wire products and equipment exhibition & rdquo; With &; ldquo The sixteenth international metallurgical industry exhibition & Shanghai rdquo; &housewares to < b > &; ldquo New combination & bull, New venue & bull, Large-scale & bull, Internationalization & rdquo; < / b > appearance Shanghai world expo theme pavilions. Expected exhibition area of 60,000 square meters, during the exhibition will receive more than 50,000 professional audience to be visited negotiations, is annual global metallurgy and wire 2011 the indispensable product industry business activities.

      Exhibition highlight

      Include wire industry upstream and downstream products, exhibited by category, centralized demonstration domestic and international advanced technology and solutions, facilitating professional to visitors purchasing. 60000 m2 exhibition area, make the most professional and most authoritative professional celebration,

       In order to strengthen the degree of internationalization, exhibition to attract more foreign purchasers, we expand the several recommends overseas partners. With foreign trade institutions, home to more than 10 countries and more than 20 embassy of overseas exhibition organizations establish cooperative relation, complete international exhibitors and international merchants invitation, more resources for exhibitors will bring more value-added services,

       The best exhibition venues: Shanghai world expo theme pavilions aurors ju-term expo 2010 Shanghai top core region, the exhibition area 80,000 square meters, for Asia's largest pillar free exhibition space, is the collection, leading edge hardware and software facilities and advanced beautiful environment for the integration of international exhibition activities dream factory, after 2010 world expo economic advantage derivative unlimited business opportunities,

       Organization strong lineup: China metal society and China steel structure association wire products trade branch, Shanghai ShenShi exhibition services Co., LTD. Jointly organized and held many departments linkage make more power and exhibition influence, domestic large steel mills and the organizer associated with a member of the active participation will be more attracts buyers,

       Set buyers area: collect buyers information and released ahead of your list of exhibits, so that the exhibitors with target customers on exhibition site transactions.

       Marketing and inviting professional buyers

        Exhibition publicity channels and the audience invite way :Rely on years of specialized accumulation, &; ldquo Locking & rdquo; Famous supplier with end-user, organization formidable resources and network conducts extensive business promotion, including magazine, newspaper and Internet, television, outdoor media, advertising direct mail, email, text messaging, advertising centerfold, associations grouping, phone invited etc way and form.

        Locking professional customers improve business effect: With global range extremely targeted market promotion activities, will usher in the areas of professional audiences, buyers and purchasing parties: mine, coal, petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, power, cable, communication, wire products, hardware (fasteners, spring, nail making), railways, roads, ports, automotive, aviation, spaceflight, electronic, elevator, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, construction, municipal, aiming project, distributors, traders, etc.

       Exhibiting products

       Line (bar) material :Stainless steel bar, stainless steel wire, wire rope with wire, high quality system and alloy steel wire realige; etc.

       Steel wire :Stainless steel wire, bearing steel wire, cold dui steel wire, steel wire, needle cloth harp, Spring wires, profiled steel, galvanized steel, galvanized steel wire, steel and aluminium alloy - bag WangWeiLan steel wire, steel wire, wire saface colour.the, headquarter, steel wire, steel fiber, cotton Low relaxation PC steel wire, steel, galvanized steel spiral ribs PC steel wire, Hose wire, tempering wheel rim steel wire, cold drawn wheel rim steel wire, etc;

       Steel wire, wire: Mining of steel wire, elevator wire rope, chongqing rope, aviation since steel wire, stainless steel wire, steel wire excavator, drilling wire rope, fishery with steel wire, steel wire and coating adhesive tape plastic rope, cord, Low relaxation PC steel strand, non-bonding PC steel, galvanized steel strand, zinc alloy plating steel strand, the aluminum clad steel wire, etc;

       rigging :Wire rope sling, synthetic fiber sling, synthetic fiber rigging, chain sling, shackles, hooks, magnetic spreaders; etc.

       Wire products processing machinery and other :Line, bar rolling mill, heat treatment equipment, wiredrawing equipment, coating equipment, cooling equipment, surface treatment equipment, pickling equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, welding equipment, making rope equipment (double twisting machine, twisting strands of machine, into rope machine etc), of pressing process machine, bending machine, cutting machine, wire collecting machine, pay-off stand; Lubricants, inspection and analysis equipment, etc.

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