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Euramerican fasteners first-half sales presentation

Date:2010-12-28 11:17:19
“2010 in the first half of Europe fasteners company sales growth in the second quarter of universal realization in the year's first quarter, based on both rose, warmed signs is more obvious. ”


  Gold webs - comprehensive report in the first half of Europe and America by 2010 electric company sales generally realize fastener growth in the second quarter of the year's first quarter, based on both rose, warmed signs is more obvious.

  In the first half of WuErTe group sales of 42 billion euros

  According to WuErTe group recently published financial data shows, the first half by 2010 the group total sales to 42 billion euros, increase from 10.5%, operating profit for 196 billion dollars, &; ldquo Compared with the same period last year, our profit almost doubled. & rdquo; WuErTe group central council President Robert Friedmann said.

 Robert Friedmann pointed out: &; ldquo 1-4 months the company sales realized the growth of 6.3 per cent during the first half of the year at a double-digit growth rate. We this year's sales goal as 8%. Expected 2010 we profits will be 3.5 billion euros, now performance situation, it is easy to realize this goal. & rdquo;

  One retailer ted kingdom of the headquarters of the sales amount for 18 billion euros, increase of 15.5%. WuErTe global other companies have has increased by an average of 6.9%. WuErTe groups in the global 84 countries with more than 400 branches.

 &; ldquo At present the company's financial situation is preferred, which may help us to better control the market. Strategically, the next few months we will put emphasis placed on any possible so that we can more con-sistent with customers on the policy, In addition, we continue to invest existing business field at the same time, they will vigorously into the new product development. The company is ready to go through m&a to drive the organic growth. & rdquo; Friedmann said.

  By the end of June, the group's total number of employees 59,577 name, and by the end of last year, including 2.9% compared increased sales team 29,104 person casualties.

  Bossard 上半年利润大增

  Swiss fasteners distributor for the second quarter financial Bossard group report shows, the second quarter sales in the first quarter of basis continued growth situation, profits growth surged.

 The group said, by 2010 in the first half of the robust demand picks up higher than expected, greatly boosting sales soar of the Bossard group. In the first half of 2010 Bossard group turnover year-on-year growth of fluctuation of the (in Swiss francs conversion), convert local exchange rate is the year-on-year growth of targeting. In the first half of the group profits exceed the 1530 million Swiss francs, higher than the total annual net profit in 2009.

  Anixter fasteners growth rate of 20 per cent

  Anixter group in the second quarter of financial report, its global OEM supply business sales (including Anixter fasteners company) increased by 20%, more quarter increased 3%. Among them ahead in the second quarter organic sales increased by 7% a quarter.

  The group CFO Letham explanation, and Dennis ldquo; The growth in the second quarter of three main reasons: we customer productivity rise; 2 it is our project from its existing clients and expand to more new customers. Three new volume is increasing. & rdquo;

  In the second quarter of North America OEM supply service (including fasteners) sales realized 7.2 per cent growth, da 1.31 million us dollars, including 16 per cent of income is from industrial customers. But north district OEM supply business in aerospace and defence has dropped 8%, the reason is that these two aspects sales reduce brings the downward pressure in 2009 second quarter to appear, expected the situation will get alleviating years in 2011.

 The group also points out, &; ldquo My company OEM supply business terminal market of organic sales after two fell sharply after, finally to win gratifying growth. This is mainly because many of our customers & lsquo; Waste & rsquo; Already a long time of inventory needs a large number of & lsquo; Margin & rsquo; , numerous upstream and downstream clients in product market and investment cost aspects are increased. Old customers add new customer demand growth will pull our sales of fast growth. & rdquo;

  In the first half of Anixter north American OEM supply business sales overall dropped by 2%, 2.62 million dollars for, And in the first half of OEM supply business provides increased by 23%, for 1.84 billion, with the second quarter increased 38.6% 9760 million us dollars, and for the same period the highest sales Anixter gen area.

  In the first half of Fastenal company earnings growth 35.7%

  According to the second quarter Fastenal company in the first half of the financial report, the company net sales for 10.9 billion, up 13.2%, profit growth for $1.3 billion, an increase of 35.7%; Among them the second quarter net sales at 5.7 billion dollars, up by 20.3%, profit for 6920 million us dollars, 58.9% year-on-year growth.

 By 2010, according to the report in the first half of Fastenal company adds 45 outlets, year-on-year growth of Fastenal company point-of-sale 7.1 percent, 414 amounted to a. By the end of June, the company staff number 12, 248 name.

  Automobile manufacturing rallies ITW fasteners sales growth surged

  ITW (Illinois Tool Works) said, thanks to the automobile manufacturing rallies, the second quarter, auto after-sales market performance is preferred, traffic tools with products (including fasteners) revenue growth for 34%, 6.72 billion dollars, operating profit increased by more than three times, amounted to $108 million. North American market second quarter automobile production for 310 million cars, a growth of 72 percent of the European market automobile production for 500 million cars, a growth of 25%. Along with the increase of trip mileage, global auto aftermarket income rose 4.2 per cent.

  The company second-quarter revenue building products (including fasteners) increased 24%, for 4.59 million dollars. North American market for commercial construction products income rose ranked first, all products up 30%; In addition, residential construction with product sales rose 14.2%.

 The group CEO Speer, said David ldquo; of&" In the second quarter of our performance appear sharply increased, mainly thanks to the terminal market demand picks up higher than expected and reconstruction project started in the past two years. Obviously, automotive OEM, industrial packaging, welding, electronics and polymer and liquid end market demand are appeared noticeable recovery. & rdquo;

 The group in the second quarter revenues for 40.8 billion dollars, up by 20%, with north American market income rose 15.1%, other market sales increased 14%; Net profit more than doubled, reaching 4.21 billion dollars.

  ITW sales for the first half 7.68 billion, increased 17%, including net profit soars, from euo 1.37 billion dollars grew to $715 million on.

  Newcastle secco fasteners in the second quarter of achievements

  It is reported, the Newcastle cmpany 2010 in the second quarter of precision cold plunge steel sales (including from Newcastle secco fasteners income growth

  Due to the second quarter achievements, the first half of precision cold plunge steel sales (including fasteners) grew 48%, for 228,000 tons.
2009, the company's precision cold plunge steel sales fell by 32%, for 333,000 tons.

 New branch company in the second quarter of revenues for 42 billion, a quarter increased 15%, including the second quarter sales and last < br /> Compared to the increased 69%.
 New families, the second half of a company's growth is expected to speed or slowing. &; ldquo The first half performance rising is already ironclad facts, but over
The global economy into an uncertain period, then we all products sales growth or would slow down. & rdquo; Newcastle secco said.

  Newcastle secco first-half income growth 53%, for $7.85 billion. Average per ton 546 than the same period last year more than 8 percent, the total number of output abroad has also risen 41%.

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